Kanzlei Rechtsanwältin Olga Ira Dimopoulou

Rechtsanwältin Olga Ira Dimopoulou

Food e-commerce in Germany: Everything entrepreneurs need to know

by Olga Dimopoulou, Lawyer – dimolegal and Vasiliki Filiou, Research Associate, dimolegal

This article analyzes the regulatory framework of the German legal order with regard to food e-commerce. In particular, the obligations of entrepreneurs with regard to the information they must provide about their business and their products are mentioned. Particular emphasis is placed on the rights of the consumers, given the high level of protection afforded to them by German law. The article is a part of the e-Handbook of Exports of the Agri-Food Sector of the Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

You can read the entire article in Greek under the following link: https://griechenland.ahk.de/gr/meli/epitropes-melon/agrotiki-oikonomia/e-egcheiridio-exagogon-agrodiatrofikoy-tomea/e-emporio-trofimon-sti-germania