Kanzlei Rechtsanwältin Olga Ira Dimopoulou

Rechtsanwältin Olga Ira Dimopoulou

Practical Guide to International Debt Collection

The international network of lawyers LEGALMONDO published a very useful tool for companies with debt collection necessities in more than 20 jurisdictions. Ms. Dimopoulou drafted the part on debt collection in Germany. Here are some questions of this guide:

Coronavirus and Force Majeure

The Legalmondo International Help Desk on Coronavirus on more than 20 jurisdictions is published! Ms. Dimopoulou drafted the article on Greek law in this very helpful guide, where you will find answers to following questions:

  • How to handle the case in which a supplier or customer within an international supply chain defaults on a contract?
  • When can Force Majeure be invoked?
  • What are the consequences on contracts?
  • How to minimize risks to the company’s business?

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Interview with Olga Dimopoulou at German public-service Radio, 30.05.2019:

Here you can hear my interview at the German public-service broadcasting (radio WDR2) about the legal frame of honey in Germany:

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The contribution of Ms. Dimopoulou in the feature of the German public-service radio station “WDR Cosmo”, 21.12.2018:

Why do restaurant owners in Germany throw away cooked food instead of donating them to soup kitchens?

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